Ojai Pool Service

Flying Carp Pool Service is the leader in professional spa and pool maintenance in the Ojai Valley. Our custom cleanings keep your spa and pool safe, clean, and ready to use all year round. We have proudly served the Ojai Valley for over a decade and our expert pool service ensures your pool is always in immaculate condition.

Come Fly with the Carp!


CALL KARL AT (805) 750-1489


Services Offered:

  • Clean and vacuum pool
  • Monitor water levels
  • Test water balance and pH level
  • Inspect filters and pump
  • Clean tiles and inspect coping
  • Clean-out skimmer basket
  • Ensure pump is functioning
  • Skim water surface debris

Flying Carp Pool Service was featured in the Ojai Valley News, Best of Ojai Valley.

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